Data centre

Deciding where and how to build and operate a datacentre is one of the most important decisions your organisation will make. This section covers how to build a solid datacentre infrastructure, including selecting the right location to build your new facility, best practices for designing a new datacentre, and cooling and air flow techniques. Learn about green IT, data management systems, servers and operating systems.

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  • Why computational power is no longer limitless

    China’s military exercises in the Taiwan Strait are set to have an immediate effect on global supply chains. China has effectively established an air and sea blockade around Taiwan and the world’s ... Continue Reading

  • Has the cloud caught up with the mainframe?

    Yes, you read that right. For much of the last couple of decades, it's felt as if everyone has been talking about the impending demise of the mainframe, whilst simultaneously attempting to emulate ... Continue Reading

  • Terminal Velocity

    Back in the early days of business computing, operators accessed the back-end system - such as a mainframe or minicomputer - via a green screen terminal. Terminals were disposable devices. No one ... Continue Reading

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